​Pub Catering Menu

Looking for a comfortable, easy going space with exceptional service to host your next group lunch, club event, end of year party, trivia night.....the Ceilie is the perfect spot, providing a variety of catering options to satisfy any size group or event.  

Trent University Student, Staff & Faculty bookings
please complete the event booking form on mytrent > services tab
All other inquiries
please email ceilie@trentu.ca

Catering Menu

Garlic Bread with Cheese Platter

Toasted ciabatta topped with garlic butter and baked with cheese. 

Bruschetta Platter 

Lightly toasted crostinis topped with classic tomato and basic bruschetta.

Perogie Platter 
Potato and cheddar cheese stuffed perogies topped with crispy bacon, diced peppers and green onions, served with sour cream.


Lattice Fry Platter 
Cross-cut fries served with creamy onion dip.


Sweet Potato Fry Platter 
Baked fries served with Cajun mayo.


Corn Chips and Dip Platter 
Lightly baked tortilla chips served with

salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

Spinach Dip 
Our homemade creamy spinach dip,
served with toasted pita wedges.


Cocktail Sausage Platter 
Bite-sized servings of locally made pork
sausage brushed in a homemade
honey BBQ glaze.


Kettle Chips & Dip 

Crispy, lightly salted kettle chips served
with our house-made onion dip.


Veggie Pinwheel Platter 
Homemade veggie and cream cheese spread rolled in a flour tortilla and
cut into classic pinwheel treats!


Buffalo Chicken Pinwheel Platter 

A mini-bite version of our popular

Buffalo chicken wrap.


Pulled Pork in a Blanket Platter 

Our popular pulled pork sandwich…cocktail-party style! 


Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Platter 
Sweet little chunks of pineapple wrapped in bacon, glazed and baked
o perfection!


Southwest Deviled Egg Platter 
Guacamole, chili, cumin and lime bring some zip to this cocktail party classic.


Pulled Pork Taquito Platter 
Wee little pulled pork and cheese
taco rolls, served with sour cream
for dipping.


Veggie Platter 

Fresh carrots, celery, peppers and grape tomatoes served with dressing for dipping.


Flatbread Pizza 

Choose from our Pulled Pork,
BBQ Chicken, Chicken Caesar or
Grilled Veggie Pizza.

Please remember...

Each order offers approximately 24 portions per platter.

We suggest 3 – 4 selections per event.

Kindly advise of any dietary restrictions when ordering.

Outside food and beverage is not permitted in the Ceilie.