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​Featuring Ontario Craft Beer

At the Ceilie it isn't all about the food. Sometimes it is all about the drinks. We have five different Ontario craft beers on tap, why not stop in and try one today?

Wellington Breweries.jpg

Wellington Breweries produces outstanding beer from Guelph, Ontario. On tap from them we have our signature Ceilie Lager, which is an easy-drinking beer perfect for any situation.  If you want something that has more flavour than a light beer, but don't want to join the dark side try the Wellington. To learn more about the brewer and their brewing practices click here

Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle is a light refreshing beer brewed in the pilsner style. The team at Steam Whistle brewing focus on one thing, creating a great quality beer using the best ingredients. You can find out more from them here

Publican House

Publican House is a brewery from right here in Peterborough, Ontario. We feature a rotating selection of their beers on our tap and in our fridge. They brew their beer without any preservatives and with lots of heart and soul in every batch. Come in and se what we have! Find out more about their brewery here.  


Based right here in Peterborough, Smithavens Brewing Company's passion is in making the finest traditional European beers using high quality ingredients. The Ceilie features a rotating selection of their beers on tap and in our fridge. Some of our favourites include the popular Schwarzbier, Dunkleweizen, and Hefeweizen. For more information on Smithavens, click here.

Rotational Taps


We also feature a variety of beers on our rotational taps. These beers are hand selected by our patrons and our staff and change regularly . Come in today to see what we have! 

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